M&A & Succession Planning Consulting

Positioning Your Firm for a Successful Financial Future

Our M&A Succession Planning Consulting Team works hand-in-hand with LPL Financial to assist our financial advisors with mergers, acquisitions and succession planning by providing a range of services to help them work toward building lasting legacies and proper succession plans for their respective businesses.

Acquisition Preparation

FRGIS provides a complete toolkit to prepare you and your practice to take advantage of the acquisitions avalanche that’s heading our way. Explore and then execute in this area to put your business in the ready position to take on M&A opportunities.

A few of the ways we proudly
support you with acquisition preparation:

  • Maintaining your books and records correctly for acquisition readiness
  • Managing your practice to KPI’s
  • Facilitating internal and third-party valuation services
  • Documenting your succession plan through Practice Continuation Agreements
  • Evaluating acquisition opportunities

Acquisition Marketplace

FRGIS aggregates advisor businesses that come to market nationally to facilitate opportunities to buy and sell practices. Once you’re prepared to take on an acquisition, you too can throw your hat in the ring to get in the running for the right deal.

A few of the ways we proudly
support you in the acquisition marketplace:

  • FRGIS maintains full subscriptions to the LPL Premium Buyer Program, outside vendors such as: SuccessionLink and FP Transitions, and has its own unique ecosystem of opportunities specific to FRGIS representative
  • Advisor matching, Indication of Interest and seller interview support
  • Negotiation, deal structuring and P&S documentation support
  • Financing support with LPL and third-party banks specializing in cash-flow businesses
  • Integration planning and support
  • Full seller support for maximum value at closing

Post Acquisition Support

Getting to a completed P&S is only the front side of acquiring a practice - then the real work begins! The M&A team provides both buyers and sellers with support for maximum retention and a smooth transition and maximum benefit for clients.

A few of the ways we proudly
support you post acquisition:

  • Business integration execution support
  • Client integration execution support
  • Maximizing cash flow, paydown, and profitability monitoring
  • Post transaction key tasks support

The Mergers and Acquisitions Avalanche is Coming!

To learn more about how we can position you and your practice to win in the M&A space, schedule a meeting with our our M&A Succession Planning Consulting team.

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