Compliance & Supervision

Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction

At Financial Resources Group Investment Services, not only do we supervise LPL business as on Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ), but our compliance and supervision staff also oversees our own limited purpose broker-dealer as well as Gladstone Institutional Advisory, a SEC registered investment advisor.

First Line of Defense

The OSJ is the first line of defense. We place an emphasis on customer best interest and advisor surveillance. Best interest is determined on each individual transaction, as well as on a holistic basis. This begins at the account opening process, where the information gathered during that process is used by the OSJ Supervision team as a basis from which to conduct detailed reviews of all of the subsequent transactions that take place in each account.

The OSJ Supervision team uses cutting edge technology and the tools provided by LPL to identify and address trends, patterns and concerns surrounding clients’ accounts or an advisor’s sales practices. Some of our regular reviews include, securities transactions, investment product switches, actively traded accounts, concentrated positions, and risk score drift. We also monitor various account changes, third party cash and security disbursements, outside business activities of our advisors and their emails.

Staff with Experience

Our compliance and supervision staff is comprised of fully licensed and seasoned compliance professionals. Each of our principals is fully versed in all of the latest federal, state, FINRA, and SEC rules and regulations, in addition to all of LPL’s policies and procedures. They are also trained on, and possess in depth knowledge of, the full spectrum of investments, including complex products such as structured notes, annuities, options, and alternative investments. Our compliance and supervision team goes above and beyond LPL’s standard structure, providing a high-touch consultative approach to supervision.

Our supervisory principals are non-producing and do not receive any form of compensation based on the business they supervise, free from conflicts of interest in this regard. It is our belief that this creates a more efficient and concentrated means of oversight. This affords our staff the time and ability to provide the finest quality of service. We provide detailed training at onboarding for every advisor, personally getting to know and understand each individual’s business practice.

The goal is to form a more focused and resourceful supervision platform, protecting our clients, effectively mitigating risk, and helping support our advisors to produce more efficiently and compliantly.

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