Advisor & Institution Training

Customized Training Support

Our Training Team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced financial professionals. Our goal is to help advisors, admins and financial institutions understand, learn and adopt LPL tools and related technology to better serve client investment needs. We strive to provide you with the training, resources and strategies you need to manage and grow your books of business.

Learning and Development

We offer one-on-one and group training on demand, which you can schedule at your convenience. Our team also offers a monthly Advisor Overview group training series to help new advisors and admins get up and running faster.

A few of the ways we proudly
support you with your operational needs:

  • Consultations to discuss your training needs and review your Learning Center plan
  • One-on-one specialized training sessions
  • Group specialized training sessions
  • Monthly Advisor Overview training series
  • Individual and group training on technology enhancements and new tools and technology
  • Consultation and training on select vendor digital tools, such as automated marketing, texting and calendaring tools

Collaboration and Coordination

We work diligently with other departments to ensure you remain on track with your training plan. We walk you through strategies and best practices to consider to help you increase productivity and efficiency.

A few of the ways we proudly
support you in creating efficiencies:

  • Collaborate with your appointed Business Consultant
  • Provide an additional layer of training support to our Onboarding team for transitioning advisors and programs
  • Work closely with Marketing to make sure you have everything you need to be successful
  • Partner with Compliance to make sure you are prepared for audits and run a compliant practice
  • Support territory and program conferences and monthly Relationship Specialist call
  • Assist with technology set-up and bring in our technology support partners as needed
  • Help you troubleshoot ClientWorks technology access issues
  • Submit feedback on technology and escalate your concerns and issues


We help you navigate through the multitude of resources available to you at FRG and LPL. We introduce you to resources to help you build, manage and grow your practice. We also provide additional resources, such as quick reference cards and training videos, to help you learn.

A few of the ways we proudly
support you with customized service:

  • Connect you to LPL and FRG specialists and product partners
  • Recommend additional training available to LPL advisors and admins
  • Create quick reference cards that highlight steps to adopt and use tools and technology
  • Produce video walk-throughs that include tips and best practices
  • Assistance with understanding technology integrations and building your technology stack

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