FRGIS Enters Groundbreaking Merger With Gladstone Wealth Group

Together They Will Form the Largest Enterprise Associated with LPL Financial Both By Revenue and Assets on the LPL Corporate RIA

Fort Mill, SC. – April 23, 2020 – Financial Resources Group Investment Services, LLC (Financial Resources Group) and Gladstone Wealth Group are entering a groundbreaking and strategic merger, launching Gladstone Financial Resources Group on May 15. This merger creates the largest enterprise by revenue and assets on the LPL Financial corporate Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). The combined organization will have 670 registered representatives, in excess of $24 billion in brokerage and advisory assets and over $141 million in revenue with over 155 employees. 

Under the merger, Financial Resources Group will be responsible for the oversight and support for all the Gladstone Corporate LPL advisors. This support brings nationwide business consulting, marketing, training and technology support from a home office team of 33 professionals. 

“We are very excited about this merger, as it enhances our ability to provide services and support to a broader depth of advisors,” said Bruce Miller, President of Financial Resources Group. “Robert Hudson and I have worked together since 2016. In that time, we have developed a great personal relationship and share a common vision of support for financial advisors.” 

“We see this as a tremendous opportunity for our existing and future advisors,” said Robert Hudson, Founder of Gladstone Wealth Group. “Bruce and I have known each other for years and, with tremendous respect for one another, have always looked to work together. We felt now was the opportune time for us to leverage one another’s business. We are terrific complements, as we focus on attracting and servicing financial advisors or teams of financial advisors with over $100 million in assets under management and have our own RIA, while Financial Resources Group offers best in class infrastructure and resources for all advisors.” 

“We are proud to partner with Financial Resources Group to become a premier destination for independent advisors,” said Richard Frick, CEO of Gladstone Wealth Group. “Together, we will offer multiple platforms to all advisors through four channels, financial institution based advisors, combination financial institution based and independent advisors, and fully independent advisors either through the LPL Corporate RIA or Gladstone’s RIA .”

Jenny Franchi, Senior Marketing Account Manager

Jenny Franchi, Senior Marketing Account Manager

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