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Helping Your Clients Live Their Best Lives and Work Toward Financial Freedom


Financial Resources Group is proud to announce we have entered into a pilot phase of launching our very own Financial Planning services! Through turn-key, innovative paraplanning services, our goal is to provide our advisors with a personal, customized financial planning education experience. We believe that collaboration with our advisors is the cornerstone of great advice. Each financial plan is as unique as the clients you serve. Let us help you build long-term client relationships and help your clients work toward achieving their financial goals.

Financial Planning will provide paraplanning solutions for your practice:

  • Collaboration with our dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional Rob Matricardi
  • No Financial Planning subscription required
  • Data entry of client’s financials
  • Running various scenarios keeping your client’s best interests in mind
  • Educating advisor on what paraplanner uncovered
  • Developing a financial plan for end-client use, with advisor’s approval
  • Collaboration option on presenting plan to end-client
  • Updating existing financial plans to help end-client stay on track
  • Helping advisor look for opportunities to engage clients on Financial Planning services
  • Researching one-off questions for advisors

   Get Started with Your Financial Planning Today! 

To learn more about how we can help you with your financial planning needs,
please contact Rob Matricardi at or 704-816-8034.

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