Commissions & Accounting

Customized Reporting

Our commissions team is available to support independent advisors, financial institution representatives, financial institution executives, and operations assistants. We assist financial consultants with navigating ClientWorks, understanding their commission statements, and providing insight on best practices around payouts. We aid financial consultants with estimating their income in advisory accounts or forecasting brokerage commissions. Our advisory account analysis includes, client fees and cycles, to Assets Under Management, market performance, and account values. We prepare specific tailored reports when needed. Additionally, we help advisors understand the various fees charged by LPL.

Administrative Support

Our goal is to ensure all financial advisors are paid accurately and timely. We believe compensation to be extremely important to all parties. We provide the administrative support so the advisor can stay client focused. We spend our energy on advisor compensation so the advisor can spend their time on their clients. We help run successful independent businesses or prosperous financial institution programs where the advisor can focus on growing their client base or the institution’s book of business.

Our accounting team tracks annualized gross commissions for our employee advisors, calculates platform advisor and full-time advisor commission splits for institutional programs, and provides payroll and human resource guidance to financial institution leadership. We provide direction on payout grid profit analysis for employee based (dual) financial institution programs. We service independent, dual, and managed programs. We have experience and knowledge of how financial programs run effectively and profitably.

FRG Helps Everyone Profit

We strive to help all parties become profitable. Some of our financial institution programs are start-ups or small financial institution programs. We also service large independent practices and large financial institution programs. We have business consulting resources that will coach and mentor the smaller programs to generate GDC, AUM, and client base growth. The accounting team, while considering program type (dual, independent, or managed employee programs), will work with business consulting to provide insight on cost effective measures to drive the program’s profitability.

The commissions and accounting team has a direct LPL commissions contact who assists our team with locating missing commissions, correcting commission or override payouts, and processing general adjustments. Our white glove service saves advisors time and energy in dealing with the administrative aspect of their compensation.

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