Systems Check and Prepare for Launch

Mid-career advisors are in a great spot today. As the baby-boomers age out of the business over the next decade you can easily double your production or more, if you want to grow through acquisitions and you are prepared. Both you and your business need to be ready for an acquisition and demonstrate that you have the capacity to make it work. Follow the instructions in this video to put yourself on the M&A radar at Financial Resources Group.

Expanding Through Sponsorship

Thinking of adding a staff person or a new advisor to your practice? Why not get both in one person?  Advisor Development is looking to place early career advisors out in established practices to incubate them as producers.  They work by day in roles you need them to, and work on their advisor skills in the off hours.  Listen to this video if you’re thinking of adding new revenues to your practice through sponsorship of an early advisor.

Organizational Opportunities for Your Business

Organizations that operate under a unified business agreement have the opportunity to bring in multiples that are much higher than what you could garner on your own as a siloed practice or a small partnership.  FRGIS would like to explore with you opportunities for advisors to come together to create a regional footprint and a more valuable entity in liquidity events.

Get Started Today!

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