What Advisor Development Can Do For You

Advisor Development is committed to making sure that every single advisor in our organization has a great outcome when they’re ready to finish working. We want to ensure that when it’s time to land, you’re well compensated for your practice and that your business and your clients are left in good hands. Listen to this video and follow the instructions to find out more.

Tell Your Story

We want your story.  How you did it.  Who you are and what it took for you to make it big in this business.  What are you really, really good at?  What specialty have you chased and how did you organize your business so that you excelled in your quest, and a thousand other questions.  If you’re open to sharing your story with young advisors in the Financial Resources Group ecosystem, we’d like to interview you. You have a ton of knowledge, wisdom and expertise that we would like to memorialize so that we can help others one day be the superstars of the future.

Expanding Through Sponsorship

Late-career advisors have an opportunity to expand their practice and potentially groom a successor through sponsorship of an early career advisor in their office.  Some of the best outcomes for succession come from this strategy. Check out this video to learn more.

Organizational Opportunities for Your Business

Organizations that operate under a unified business agreement have the opportunity to bring in multiples that are much higher than what you could garner on your own as a siloed practice or a small partnership.  FRGIS would like to explore with you opportunities for advisors to come together to create a regional footprint and a more valuable entity in liquidity events.  

Get Started Today!

Ready to accelerate your business at full throttle? Complete our late career profile and schedule a meeting with our Advisor Development team!

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