Early Career

The Opportunity

This training will do two things. First, it will help you work toward becoming a successful and credentialed advisor. Some advisors that complete this training become so successful that they don’t have the need to do any acquisitions and simply continue to build their practice and do incredibly well. But secondly, it prepares you to take advantage of a huge wave of acquisition opportunities coming your way over the next decade. You can advance your career by 20+ years through acquisitions and this training gets you prepared to win. If you’re an early career advisor and you do the work, the opportunities for you will be stunning.

Qualifications to Get Started

This program in its essence is a degree in applied comprehensive
fee-based financial planning and financial services business management, flavored with some long-term mentorship to guide you toward excellence. The focus is on increasing the student’s value in the marketplace through personal and technical development.
  To start the program, you need to be fully licensed. Series 7, Series 66, Life and Health. Follow the instructions in the video and take action – this program will make a substantial positive change in the trajectory of your career.

Are You In?

This training program is meant for serious early advisors only.  It is not an easy program, and it’s a long runway.  But for those who do the work, who fully participate and if you let us prepare you, you will KILL IT over the next decade.  According to The Cerulli Report, 1/3 of all advisors in the United States are going to leave the business and 1 Trillion in AUM is going to change hands PER YEAR for the next 10 years.  Listen to the testimonials of students who have gone before you and decide.  Do you want a shot, or not?

Get Started Today!

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