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Preparing Financial Advisors for the Future of Business

Financial Resources Group Proudly Introduces Advisor Development!

Financial Resources Group is excited to announce we have launched our very own Advisor Development services!
Whether you are looking to begin a career in financial services, want to expand your practice through acquisitions or build a meaningful continuation for your practice, Advisor Development delivers highly effective, multi-faceted programs designed to meet your business needs.

Program Overview

Advisor Development has two primary missions. First, Financial Resources Group now has a program to train early career advisors in the organics that will make them excellent producers and attractive acquirers.  Additionally, this program will provide opportunities for senior advisors who are thinking about retirement favorable access to an ever-growing, stable of super-qualified young men and women and mid-career advisors that they could consider as potential successors.  Second, Advisor Development will act as the facilitator of M&A activity for all advisors affiliated with the firm. Severe demographic dislocations are going to generate an avalanche of M&A activities for over the next decade that we all need to prepare for.  No matter where you are on the timeline, Advisor Development can help you.

No matter what stage of your career you are in, let Advisor Development blaze a smooth path for your business to hit cruising altitude, quickly and efficiently.

To complete your Advisor Development profile, select your stage in the business below, watch the videos and click, "Enroll Today".

Early-Career Advisors

  • Are you fresh out of college and looking to become a financial advisor?

  • Have you transitioned from an insurance company or wire house and under 35 years old?

  • Do you want to advance your career by 20+ years through acquisitions?

  • Do you want to meet your peers in the business?

  • Do you want to massively shorten the time it takes to be a top shelf financial advisor?

Mid-Career Advisors

  • Are you aggressive about growing your practice through acquisitions?

  • Are you looking to add another producer to your office?

  • Interested in forming a partnership with other advisors?

  • Looking to create an ensemble with a regional footprint and higher multiples?

Late-Career Advisors

  • Are you watching your friends retire, but not sure how you can too?

  • Worried about losing your income if you sell your business?

  • Concerned about how a successor would care for your clients and friends?

  • Not ready to retire, but interested in bringing in a well-trained, productive younger advisor or need to fill an admin role?

Take Your Career to New Heights Today!

To learn more about how Advisor Development can create revenue and value in your practice, schedule a meeting with our Advisor Development team.

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