3 Marketing Tools to Kick-Start Your 2023 Campaign Planning

Building Touchpoints for Your Clients and Prospects

Can you believe 2022 is almost at an end?!  With the new year rapidly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about your 2023 marketing efforts! It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the goals you’d like to achieve and define your target audiences.

Did you know that it takes seven touchpoints to even become memorable?  It is recommended that you build a touchpoint system of 26 touches a year across multiple mediums to reach your clients and prospects.  Utilizing a marketing campaign plan will help you develop a consistent presence and set you apart from your competitors.

LPL and Financial Resources Group have made it easier than ever to help you develop a robust year-round marketing strategy to help you stay top-of-mind among your clients and prospects.

Below are 3 simple and efficient marketing tools to help you develop a strategic marketing campaign plan to execute in 2023.

1. LPL’s Marketing Content Calendar

LPL has developed an annual content calendar of timely engagement opportunities throughout the year. Organized by quarter and category, LPL has highlighted monthly hot topics and important observance days to consider structuring your marketing efforts around. 

Notable categories include these any several more:

  • Monthly Client Outreach
  • Financial Industry Outreach
  • Seasonal Celebrations
  • Diversity & Inclusion

LPL’s Marketing Content Calendar can be found in ClientWorks’ Resource Center.  Simply type “LPL Marketing Content Calendar” in the search box and select the first page that populates.  Be on the lookout for 2023’s calendar to be posted sometime this month.  Additionally, on this same page, LPL provides examples of pre-approved content available through Marketing on Demand.

2. FRG’s 2023 Quarterly Marketing Roadmap

Piggybacking off of LPL’s Marketing Content Calendar, we took it a step further to provide a more comprehensive approach to your campaign planning needs. 

Leveraging LPL’s content calendar, we’ve designed an exclusive marketing roadmap that demonstrates quarterly overarching themes with monthly campaign focal points to execute across multiple mediums. Utilizing content from Financial Resources Group, LPL, and FMG Suite, we’ve laid out examples of pre-approved content you can implement to reach your target audiences and stay relevant throughout the year.

For example, first quarter’s overarching theme is “Financial Wellness for the New Year” with “Are You Financially Fit?”, “Checkups are Good for Your Financial Health” and “Improving Your Credit Score” for the monthly sub-themes for January, February and March, respectively. 

Additionally, we researched and found example complementary pieces to implement monthly for email marketing, traditional mail, social media posts, website activities and branch activities (for our institutional partners).

Roadmaps have been created for advisors on both the institutional and independent channels and can access their respective roadmap through our FRG Marketing Resource Library.  Login to our Resource Library and navigate to the “Resources” portal to download today!


3. FRG Campaign Calendar

Now that you have your campaign topics selected and corresponding materials to implement, it’s time to piece it all together and lay it out in a calendar for execution.  Financial Resources Group has created a customizable campaign calendar to help you keep your content organized by day and medium.

The content key is color coded to give you a quick glance of materials you have queued up for gated content, blogs, email, social media, etc. You can download your customizable calendar directly via the FRG Marketing Library’s “Resources” portal.

Enhance Your Online Presence Today!

For assistance in developing your customized 2023 campaign strategy and navigating through the resources above, please contact your dedicated Marketing Account Manager today!

Jenny Franchi, Senior Marketing Account Manager

Jenny Franchi, Senior Marketing Account Manager

It is recommended that you build a touchpoint system of 26 touches a year across multiple mediums to reach your clients and prospects. 

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