3 Marketing Strategies to Promote Long-Term Care Awareness

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month and what better way to kick off the month than with three timely marketing strategies to build into your marketing plan. Through utilizing LPL and Financial Resources Group’s pre-approved content, you can efficiently promote long-term care awareness among your clients and prospects.

Automated Campaign Tool (ACT)

Available through Marketing on Demand (MOD), this “set it and forget it” email marketing tool allows you to distribute pre-approved messaging to your target audience through the use of tags for segmentation.  In the ACT library, navigate to “Investors Focused on Retirement” and select “Past Financial Topics: Focused on Retirement”. Here you will drop down to the “Medicare vs. Medicaid” article you can send. 

Additionally, while you are in MOD, you can browse through numerous long term care-related pieces in the forms of articles or letters you can copy and paste into the “Email Your Own Pre-Approved Content” section of ACT.  In MOD, select “Catalog” and then “Wealth Management”. Here you will find content under Healthcare and Eldercare.


Through video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom, and GoToMeeting, your audience can attend virtually from the location of their choosing. Hosting “lunch and learns” is a great way to hold an event at a time of convenience. Pre-approved webinars are available through our FRGIS Marketing Resource Library found on our website as well as MOD under Catalog>Business Essentials>Seminars.

Lead Magnet

Providing valuable content on your website that prospects can benefit from is a great method for lead generation. Think about adding a small banner ad to your website that promotes a free item where prospects can enter in their contact information in exchange for a checklist, guide, workbook, ebook, etc. There are numerous pre-approved pieces you can use to add value through our FRGIS Marketing Resource Library and MOD. Promote on social media to drive traffic to your website or as a call-to-action after posting a long term care-related blog.

Thinking Outside the Box

Any of the above materials can be repurposed and reformatted for the mediums of your choosing.  Think about postcards, social media content, blog material, etc. You can even take this content and put your own spin on it.  Our Marketing team is here to help! 

To learn more about implementing these easy strategies into your marketing plan to promote long-term care awareness, contact your designated Marketing Account Manager here at Financial Resources Group or email marketing@lplatfrg.com. We look forward to assisting you!

Jenny Franchi, Senior Marketing Account Manager

Jenny Franchi, Senior Marketing Account Manager

Hosting lunch and learns is a great way to hold an event at a time of convenience.

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